Christian Couples Ministry

Pastor Crittenden says that spending quality time together strengthens their marriage. Among their various activities are Bible study, golf, physical exercise and taking what they call cheap dates. They go to the mall even if they don’t have any money to spend.

Our pastor and wife, Ruby, were married in December of 1969.

They agree that like most marriages the building of their relationship is always a work in progress.
They began a couples ministry in September of 2003.

Christian Couples Ministry is designed to strengthen relationships between husbands and wives. The ministry is designed to foster closer relationships, open channels of communication and learn various techniques related to everyday problem solving related to marriage.

The group meets on the fourth Sunday each month beginning at 6:00 p.m. ending at 7:30 p.m. in the church fellowship hall. Attire is casual and snacks are served at each meeting. Activities include: the study of God’s word as it relates to marriage, films, videos, and faith based publications on marriage, guest speakers, fun night activities with games, fellowship and much more. Interested parties should contact our pastor at for more information.

*Engaged Couples are encouraged to attend*

Making Good Marriages Even Better