About our Pastor

Rev. Alex Crittenden

Rev. Alex Crittenden was born and raised in Texarkana, Arkansas where he attended and was baptized into the church family of the Park Avenue Baptist Church. He attended public schools in Texarkana and went on to graduate from Booker T. Washington High School in 1966. Pastor Crittenden entered the University of Arkansas (Arkansas AM&N) at Pine Bluff in 1966 and graduated three years later in 1969 with a degree in English and Liberal Arts. He holds a Master’s Degree from Wayne State University in Educational Psychology and School Administration, and an Associate’s Degree in Theology from William Tyndale Bible College of Farmington Hills, MI where he did extensive study in the field of marriage counseling.

Pastor Crittenden began a teaching career at the age of twenty with the Port Huron Area School District in Port Huron, MI in 1969. He retired from the District in 2002. He was nurtured spiritually under the leadership of the late Rev. John L. Portis at the Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in the city of Port Huron.

After several years as Assistant Pastor at Shiloh Missionary, he was called and accepted the pastoral leadership position with the Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church in 1988.

He met Ruby Grant in his first year of grade school in 1954. They were united in marriage in December of 1969. God blessed this union with a daughter, Gayle, a son, Kevin and a granddaughter, Amaya Michelle Crittenden.

Pastor Crittenden teaches that Christ is the head of the family and that men should take the leadership role within the family. Wives should be treated as equal partners, not as subordinates or servants. He teaches from the King James Version of the Bible and accept God’s Word as total authority. His ministry focuses on the family and family values.